More than half of the companies in the DACH region see optimization potential in their AI strategy

Has artificial intelligence really already arrived in companies or is the DACH region not yet ready for the AI revolution? Together with the Cologne-based market research agency heute & morgen, IT service provider adesso conducted a survey with around 1,000 corporate decision-makers and 1,000 consumers from a wide range of industries in the D-A-CH region.

The result is a bit sobering, as half of the respondents are not convinced of their AI competencies. Although the use of new technologies is seen as the most important challenge of the next decades, resistance is still very high in most of the companies surveyed. The potentials, according to the survey, are often not recognized and therefore not used.

In addition to nearly 40% of respondents citing internal resistance and rejection as reasons why such projects need to be optimized, 52% are convinced that legal framework conditions are a major obstacle.

However, the realization that there is much more potential in the machines is present and therefore the majority of those surveyed in the study would like to rely more on new employees, further training and external consultants to obtain the necessary know-how.

Management also needs to step up its game, as only 66% are really actively and productively driving developments forward. But the will is there, because competitive advantages, product innovations speed drive the respondents into the future.

Taking a look at the industries, strong differences can of course be seen between the financial sector, the IT industry and more traditional sectors, but across industries, 84% of respondents believe that AI will make or break long-term competition in the market.

Now, more AI projects need to be scheduled and an understanding of the potential created in order to be better positioned and more forward-looking in the next survey.


Alexander Pinker
Alexander Pinker
Alexander Pinker is an innovation profiler, future strategist and media expert who helps companies understand the opportunities behind technologies such as artificial intelligence for the next five to ten years. He is the founder of the consulting firm "Alexander Pinker - Innovation Profiling", the innovation marketing agency "innovate! communication" and the news platform "Medialist Innovation". He is also the author of three books and a lecturer at the Technical University of Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

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