How realistic are the technologies and wonders of science fiction and fantasy really? Does the invisibility cape from Harry Potter really exist? Is HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey possible? Futurist and bestselling author Michio Kaku deals with exactly these questions in “The physics of the impossible “*.

After the success of “The physics of the future”, he now delves deeper into the world of fiction and views it through the glasses of science.

A total of 15 technologies, some of which, according to the physicist, have a chance of becoming reality in the course of the next few years. Especially space technology, such as warp drive and teleportation are among the favorites.

To give it all substance, the innovations and technologies are divided into three stages. However, these include degrees of difficulty, such as establishing contact with a parallel universe or constructing a perpetual motion machine.

The book “The Physics of the Impossible” is often almost reminiscent of a science fiction novel itself, but in his unique way, Michio Kaku’s visions of tomorrow reconnect the reader to the book.


The book can be bought here*


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