Around the Blockchain it has become very quiet in the last months. Despite some movements in the crypto-currencies the last days, less and less companies and organizations are talking about the use of the technology in their process chain. But in the background the preparation for new fields of application runs, which were not thought of so far. One such field is found in the city of Olsztyn in Poland. According to current reports, the city wants to use the Blockchain to provide emergency services. This is made possible by the Ethereum chain and SmartKey.

After a successful test run, the city of Olsztyn plans to use the Blockchain for police, fire department and emergency services. SmartKey, which connects the digital world with the analog world, will enable rescue services to work even more efficiently and purposefully in the future. Thus, rescue forces should be able to enter buildings safely and traceably without having the haptic key, in order to react faster to emergencies.

The long-term and secure storage of all accesses in the block chain minimizes the misuse of these application areas. According to the city, the focus is entirely on efficiency.


“The need for our emergency services to be able to carry out their tasks unhindered is a delicate matter. The use of Blockchain and SmartKey technology seems to be the perfect solution, providing reassurance to building owners and residents, but also freedom for our emergency services”.

Olsztyn is only the beginning. Experts agree that Blockchain represents a key to the Smart City of the future. Through secure access to data from sensors and devices, efficiency can be brought to the Internet of Things, while citizens are protected and retain control over their data.


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