Artificial intelligence is often presented as the solution to all the problems of our everyday and corporate world. But if we look at how AI is currently still learning and at what level it is at, of course breakdowns can happen.



However, the story that appeared this week is more a funny mix-up than a danger from the thinking machines. If you watch the soccer match between the Scottish clubs Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Ayr United, you quickly realize what the artificial intelligence was doing. But let’s start at the beginning:

In order to offer soccer fans with season tickets an optimal experience, Inverness decided to rely on technology to provide an even better experience for their fans. The introduced AI camera system should follow the soccer automatically so that not a single match is missed.

A task that in itself is not a problem for an AI, had it not been for a very similar object on the field – the bald head of the linesman.

The AI cameras repeatedly confused the bald-headed referee with the ball and focused all their attention on it. The fans were, for the most part at least, calm and suggested that the caps, toupees, or even a new career beyond the mechanized stadiums, which were being pursued by the artificial intelligence.

This example shows in an amusing way how artificial intelligence is currently still in its infancy and still has to learn the subtleties of different situations. The mistake in the stadium, so finally the system of machine learning, will probably never happen again in the future – after all, AI is capable of improving and always learning!



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