The war for talent did not cease even during Corona. Companies are still looking for the best specialists and most innovative minds. With the use of virtual reality, employers can now present themselves in an innovative way and provide a previously impossible insight into the corporate world.

In addition to social media channels, the career site and other digital recruiting channels, VR offers an efficient and immersive way of recruiting. Even though recruiting videos are a great way to show the company’s everyday life and let potential employees immerse themselves in the employer brand, they often do not go far enough. In order to influence the motivation of the candidate and to support him/her in the recruitment process, the possibilities of virtual reality as an ego medium are incredibly useful.

Using VR, the candidate can take a virtual tour of the office, observe future colleagues at work and gain a deeper insight into the atmosphere on site than would have been possible via a mere website, photos or even a video. Such an application scenario is particularly relevant for professions that go beyond the classic desk job and are not easily viewed during the application process.


Virtual Reality bei K+S - Untertage in 360° erleben

Virtual Reality at K+S – experience underground in 360° (Source: K+S)


More and more human resource managers know about the possibilities of VR in recruiting and make themselves and their work processes more tangible as 360° videos or VR experiences. The HR platform JobStairs has interviewed personnel decision-makers on this topic. Sixty percent assume that VR applications can raise awareness of the company and profitably expand recruiting.


These were just a few of the possible applications of digital recruiting using VR. At this point I would like to give a hint on my own behalf – on October 20 there will be a full-day online seminar on the topic of digital recruiting with me. So if you want to learn more about the tools of a digital recruiting strategy you can still register!


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