Mojo Vision develops smart contact lenses for augmented reality

Mojo Vision smart contact lenses are designed to enable Augmented Reality without glasses or headset. The Startup from Silicon Valley presented a first prototype of their smart contact lenses during this year’s CES. The AR contact lenses, the company says, are designed to “give their wearers superpowers” and virtually expand reality. From current fitness data to details for orientation in the dark, everything is possible.

The special feature of the development is the tiny display, which is mounted in the middle of the contact lens and allows a pixel density of around 14,000 ppi, which is almost three times the resolution of current smartphone generations. The high resolution is necessary to be able to project a usable image at such a short distance. However, the prototype currently only allows images in simple lines in the colour green.



However, it will be a while before the product is really ready for sale. The currently presented prototype should especially show the potential of the display. Since there is currently no solution for the power supply and processors, there is still a lot to be invested in development. The start-up company has already raised 100 million dollars in venture capital for this purpose.

The long-term goal of Mojo Vision is to enable an immersive experience without glasses or headset. The general public is to discover the potential of augmented reality through the inconspicuous presentation through smart contact lenses.


Contribution picture: Mojo Vision

Alexander Pinker
Alexander Pinker
Alexander Pinker is an innovation profiler, future strategist and media expert who helps companies understand the opportunities behind technologies such as artificial intelligence for the next five to ten years. He is the founder of the consulting firm "Alexander Pinker - Innovation Profiling", the innovation marketing agency "innovate! communication" and the news platform "Medialist Innovation". He is also the author of three books and a lecturer at the Technical University of Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

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