The Teslasuit makes the virtual world tangible. The human-digital interface was created to make virtual reality a haptic experience. Originally, the VR full body suit was developed for the consumer, but now the company is increasingly focusing on the industry. To make the prototypes and applications developed in VR more tangible, a VR glove has now been developed.

The glove allows the user to virtually feel physical objects and has many applications. For example in education and training. The integration of haptics, motion capture and biometrics is a great development, especially in combination with Health VR, and ensures ever greater safety in operations and training sessions rehearsed in virtual reality.


“We’ve created the Teslasuit Glove to expand XR-training capabilities. But the array of integrated features makes our product extremely versatile for a wide range of industries. Teslasuit Glove will hit the market in the second half of 2020” – Sergei I. Nossoff, Co-Founder & CEO of Teslasuit


The combination of suit and glove makes the immersion in VR environments much more realistic and can be individually adjusted to the required areas.


Functionality of the Teslasuit VR glove

Functions of the VR glove (Source: Teslasuit)


Teslasuit has already revolutionized the VR industry with its glove. With the Virtual Reality Glove they give the user a whole new way to become active in the virtual world and interact with it.



Post Picture: Teslasuit


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