Artificial intelligence is used in a variety of areas, but the banking industry cannot ignore AI either. Artificial intelligence can simplify many processes, especially in such a process-oriented segment as banking.

For example, a bank has to store its customers’ data and offer them new offers and financial services all the time. Artificial intelligence allows the data to be analyzed automatically, thus fundamentally improving the customer experience.
Today, various AI products are already being used for precisely this purpose, but in a corporate world that is increasingly based on the “know-your-customer” principle, solutions in the area of artificial intelligence are central.


Application examples of artificial intelligence in banking

The extremely large amount of data generated during banking processes makes it possible to make unique recommendations that Amazon and Facebook can match in every respect. By providing information about spending habits and preferences, banks can offer individual and value-oriented services
Let’s take a look at the possible future of the banking sector. In the future, a client’s bank account will know their preferences and choose their services and products according to their individual needs. Always exactly when they are needed, always tailored to the current personal lifestyle.

If changes are required, you can simply use Voice Command to tell your personal banking assistant what you want to change and your banking transactions will be adapted accordingly.


Overall, we are still at the very beginning with artificial intelligence, but in the next few weeks I would like to give you further insights into the future of banking and the opportunities that AI and Co offer the banking industry.


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