Ghostbusters in Augmented Reality – become a ghost hunter yourself

One more year until the new Ghostbusters movie is released. After more than 30 years we will have a reunion with the classic Ghostbusters. But until then, Sony has come up with a clever idea to shorten the waiting time. Shortly before Halloween there will be a Augmented Reality application, which will turn the fans in Japan into ghost hunters themselves.

A look at the augmented reality application (source: Sony Japan)


Ghostbusters Rookie Training uses AR headsets to have a unique and scary experience. The application, which builds on location-based functionality, immerses users in a real world of virtual ghosts and demons.

But that’s not the only thing. Similar to what the Ghostbusters team did in the movies, users must cooperate to overcome the ghost plague. Armed with proton packs and ghost traps, there is a reunion with the Marshmallow Man, Slimer and Co.

Sony Japan’s program is set to last about an hour, making fans of the franchise nostalgic.

Ghostbusters Training Experience (Source: Sony Japan)

Especially the headset will be exciting, similar to the HoloLens it will give the ghost hunters in training a unique experience, which has not been there before. The Ghostbusters application can be tested in Tokyo from 12 October to 8 December. So if you travel to Japan in the cool season, you can look forward to a special experience.



Post picture: Sony Japan

Alexander Pinker
Alexander Pinker
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