The high pressure to innovate in the publishing industry is out of the question; the topic of innovation is on the agenda of almost all publishers. But there is disagreement about the innovative power of the industry beyond new content: What can be regarded as innovation in the context of disruption of existing business models by industry outsiders and digital transformation? Are publishers the taillight in digitisation or are they more innovative than their reputation? It is difficult to assess the situation between unshakeable confidence, self-doubt and a latent defensive attitude.

The study by Innovationsmonitors Publishing 2019 will define criteria through a broad-based empirical survey and determine the status of innovation management in publishing houses. A so-called mixed methods approach combines a quantitative survey with qualitative in-depth interviews. The result is a representative status report with insights behind the measurable phenomena. The design of the study is basically suitable for a panel if it is carried out regularly.

Together with a team of experts from publishing and research, we search for the innovative strength of the industry. The team consists of Daniel Lenz and Steffen Meier from the Digital Publishing Report, Dr. Okke Schlüter from the Hochschule der Medien and myself.


If you work in the publishing industry and would like to play an active role in shaping it, take part in the survey and become part of the Innovation Monitor Publishing:

The study



Title motif of the study: macrovector


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