When it comes to digitization, we talk about many things that will change. New technologies are conquering manufacturing, and employees and management need to adapt to new tasks. But the organization itself also has a lot to consider when it comes to the new digital world.

In the book “Digital Work Design“* the authors Isabell Welpe, Prisca Brosi and Tanja Schwarzmüller take a different position and shed light on change in companies. In a research project lasting several years, the authors accompanied and analyzed companies in the digitization process and identified success factors for successful change. Together with a self-diagnosis check and a 10-point plan, these Big Five should simplify the path into the future.

“Digital Work Design” is a book that uses vivid examples and well-founded research to get to the heart of current problems. Many managers are overburdened by the change, do not manage to set the essential focus. The book gives therefore with its practice-referred guidances a good start into the digital world, because organizations recognize that they are not alone with their concerns and fears, but already other companies the jump to successful digitization created.


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