Machine learning and artificial intelligence now play a role in almost all areas of our lives. Whether it’s automating business processes or making our smart home smarter. In his book “The Inevitable” Kevin Kelly even predicts that in a few years, hardly any business model will come out without the “+AI”. It is therefore important to adapt to this new world. With their “Do-it-yourself artificial intelligence” kits, Google helps to understand the basics of machine learning.

Machine learning creates, simply sashed, predictions based on patterns and relationships that have been discovered in data. With both kits from Googles “AIY Projects” young and old can now experiment with these models to experience artificial intelligence in action. The models AIY Vision and AIY Voice Kits contain everything you need for simple artificial intelligence. In addition to a Raspberry Pi Zero WH board and a prepared SD card, the AIY Vision Kit also includes a Raspberry Pi Camera v2, allowing users to quickly build simple intelligent devices that can see, speak and understand. All in the popular cardboard look you already know from Google Cardboard or Nintendo Labo.


AIY Projects: Vision Kit

AIY Projects: Vision-Kit (Source: Google)
AIY Projects: Vision-Kit (Source: Google)

This set is an intelligent camera to build yourself. The camera from Google recognizes the secured, emotions and objects. Users can create their own projects that trigger specific actions based on what the Vision Kit perceives.


AIY Projects: Voice Kit

AIY Projects: Voice Kit (Source: Google)
AIY Projects: Voice Kit (Source: Google)

The voice kit is an intelligent do-it-yourself speaker. The set has integrated the Google language assistant and responds to the questions asked. With the kit you can quickly program your own voice assistants to control robots, music or games and more.


Both sets are currently only available in Target’s online and retail stores. However, both the Vision Kit (about $90) and the Voice Kit (about $50) should soon be available worldwide. With this technology, Google takes an important step in digital education and playfully teaches users the technologies of tomorrow.




Post image: Google



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