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Are the Meta Glasses coming? – Meta acquires smart glass startup Luxexcel

Facebook's and Instagram's parent company Meta has acquired Dutch startup Luxexcel, which specializes in smart glasses.

Google launches new augmented reality glasses – but are they too careful this time?

It's been a few years since Google launched their first attempt at augmented reality. Google Glass, despite promising features, was a flop. The constant use of built-in video cameras, the lack of understanding for users. But now the tech company wants to get it right and is experimenting with new possibilities in AR.

Reboot for Magic Leap – how the headset is changing AR

Magic Leap is back in the conversation and looking to turn the augmented reality industry on its head with their new headset.

Stop that noise – Facebook’s Smart Glass lets us fade out background noise

In their current Deep Dive, Facebook presents their work in the field of "Smart Audio" for their new Smart Glass, which will make us feel like in a spy movie in the future.

Product Launch 2022 – Apple’s AR Glasses reach another milestone

In early 2022, Apple is expected to launch its AR glasses on the market. Now, according to reports, the company has reached another milestone.

Bosch develops the next Smartglass generation

Bosch Sensortec makes Smartglasses more inconspicuous and smarter. Is this the start of a new generation of Smartglass technology?

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