As an Innovation-Profiler, startup expert and futurist, it is essential to share your knowledge in the form of publications. Here you will find a list of Alexander Pinker's publications, in print and online, on the topics of start-ups, innovation profiling, trend research and marketing!

Start-ups and SMEs – stuzubi

New factors count in today's business world. The business world is becoming increasingly digital, faster and more versatile. My contribution on the stuzubi portal shows what companies can learn from start-ups.

the digital transformation of the workplace – dpr #24/2017

More and more companies are gearing their processes to digital transformation. The unlimited availability of data and information is fundamentally changing business models.
Innovation-Profiling - StartingUp 04/2017

Innovation-Profiling – StartingUp 04/2017

Companies need to focus more on innovation! Innovation profiling offers a solution here. More in the article of StartingUp 04/17!

chatbots – use in business practice – dpr #21/2017

Chatbots are used in many areas. From the assistant position to the service employee, they can be used in the company. My contribution to the digital publishing report 21/2017 shows what is possible.

Latest Publications

So far, we have been allowed to publish in several blogs and magazines, among others:

  • StartingUp
  • digital publishing report
  • infinityleap
  • CODE_n
  • Chatbot News Daily
  • stuzubi