Keynotes & Appearances


Alexander Pinker - Auftritte

As an expert in the fields of marketing, digitalisation and innovation technology, I occasionally receive requests to speak at events. Here you can find an overview of my previous performances. If you are interested in booking me, please get in touch.

SUNconference19 – The future begins today

How do you design for the end of the world? What does the future hold for the automotive industry? Which innovation markets can we open up? That's what SUNconference 2019 was all about!

What Germany needs to learn in terms of innovation culture – BRAINWASH XV

Germany, the land of poets and thinkers, but where does the Federal Republic stand when it comes to digitisation? At Brainwash Alexander Pinker shows what Germany has to learn in terms of innovation culture!

Futures of Food – Nights of the Future betahaus Neukölln, Berlin

On 29 August 2019, Futures Space presented a unique event on the subject of Futures of Food at betahaus Neukölln in Berlin.
Vortrag German Angst

“German Angst – Why Germany needs a culture of innovation” – Munich

Where does Germany stand when it comes to digitisation and where does digital self-image lack? At I was allowed to show what stumbling blocks there are and how to lead the country into the future.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – Young Textiles Congress 2019

The textile industry will change fundamentally in the next few years. Especially AR and VR will play an important role.