Keynotes & Appearances


Alexander Pinker - Auftritte

As an expert in the fields of marketing, digitalisation and innovation technology, I occasionally receive requests to speak at events. Here you can find an overview of my previous performances. If you are interested in booking me, please get in touch.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – Young Textiles Congress 2019

The textile industry will change fundamentally in the next few years. Especially AR and VR will play an important role.
Alexander Pinker - Projekt Manager 2030

Project Manager 2030 – Disruption of Project Management (PMI Denmark)

What tasks await the project manager in 2030? In my keynote I gave an insight into the working world of tomorrow.

Education 2030 – A journey into the future of education

At the International Scientific Conference "Bioeconomy and Rural Development" in Jelgava, Latvia I took the participants on a journey into the future.

International Conference on Education 2018 in Vienna – Education 4.0

I gave an insight into the future of education to the participants of the International Conference on Education 2018 in Vienna.

Market Niches – Recognizing Potentials in the Age of Bitcoin and Blockchain

The age of Bitcoin and Blockchain holds enormous potential for companies - whether in the context of new market niches or revolutionary innovations.