Market Niches – Recognizing Potentials in the Age of Bitcoin and Blockchain

The age of Bitcoin and Blockchain holds enormous potential for companies - whether in the context of new market niches or revolutionary innovations.

Education 2030 – A journey into the future of education

At the International Scientific Conference "Bioeconomy and Rural Development" in Jelgava, Latvia I took the participants on a journey into the future.
Coronavirus and VR

Event cancellations because of the Coronavirus – how Virtual Reality can help

Due to the coronavirus many events are currently being cancelled. Virtual Reality offers a possibility to virtualize the content of the event.
Alexander Pinker - 3. Münchner Eventtag

3rd Munich Event Day – Digital Innovation (Keynote)

There's a jolt going through the event industry. The topics of digital transformation and innovation are more relevant than ever for the organizers! A keynote note....
Automatisierungstagung 2018 in Weihenstephan

Automation Conference 2018: The Digital Future

What does our digital future look like? At the Automation Conference 2018 at the Weihenstephan Institute for Grain Research at the Technical University of Munich, experts from the food industry will get a look into the future!