Ever since the Travis Scott concert in Fortnite, the Metaverse has been somewhat considered the future of entertainment. Although many events are back, we’re still a long way from being back to pre-pandemic status quo. But what to do when people no longer want to leave the house to go to a concert? One answer might be to bring it to them in the virtual world.

One of the big pioneers that is struggling with low attendance, similar to the event industry, is Decentraland. They decided to confront the problem and held a “Metaverse Music Festival” this week with headliners like Dillon Francis and Soulja Boy. As many genres of music as possible were to be included, including metal – in the form of “Ozzfest” with the likes of Megadeth, Motörhead and as the name suggests: Ozzy Osbourne.

It actually sounds like a great event and especially with memory of the Travis Scott concert one expects unique visual impressions and great moments. But at Metalverse it was far from it, because all there were were immobile avatars of the musicians, who performed their show in front of an eternal loop of background animation.

Apart from the lack of heart in Ozzy Osborn’s performance, there is also criticism that, for example, the resurrection of Motörhead’s Lemmy from the dead was rather a bad idea and Megadeth simply had a music video playing on the screen.

Unfortunately, this experience shows that not all experiences can be reconstructed and just because it is the Metaverse, despite everything, a similar effort must go into the planning of the stage show, as it is the case with a normal performance.


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