Snapchat’s Augmented Reality Too to digitally enhance local landmarks and locations

Snapchat has been working to make augmented reality an integral part of its apps for a few years now. After filters, the social network is now working on a new feature called “Custom Landmarkers,” which will allow select creators to create unique AR experiences at regional locations, stores, and landmarks.

A wide variety of applications are conceivable, including placing digital artistic works at well-known landmarks, but local businesses, such as a bookstore, can also be brought to life virtually.


The Making of AR Landmarkers (Source: Snapchat)


The company revealed in a conversation with TechCrunch that the feature is accessible through the so-called Lens Studio, the editor for Snapchat creators. Possible uses include putting up stats, designing storefronts in the local community and more.

The popular social media app Snapchat is introducing a new feature called “Custom Landmarkers” that allows Creators to create unique AR experiences for local places they care about.

Custom Landmarkers are part of Snapchat’s AR strategy, which currently enables approximately 300,000 users to create new, digitally enriched experiences.


“There’s an infinite number of places for our AR creator community to build anchored, location-based Lenses. Today, we’re launching Custom Landmarkers in Lens Studio, letting creators anchor Lenses to local places they care about to tell richer stories about their communities through AR.”


Lens creators who are part of Snap’s Lens Network have had beta access to Custom Landmarkers since March 16 and have already built their first augmented reality experiences in their communities.



Post picture: Snapchat

Alexander Pinker
Alexander Pinker
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