Nvidia’s Omniverse Avatar brings a new level of accuracy to virtual assistants. The topic of voice assistants is not only on Apple’s mind with Siri, but also on that of many other companies. Amazon or Google. They are all working on optimizing their current solutions and preparing them for new applications like the Metaverse or digital platforms.

“Omniverse Avatar combines NVIDIA’s foundational graphics, simulation and AI technologies to make some of the most complex real-time applications ever created. The use cases of collaborative robots and virtual assistants are incredible and far reaching.” – Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA

Now Nvidia has thrown its hat into the ring as well. When it comes to artificial intelligence, it’s almost impossible to imagine the media without the company, but now they’re looking to bring their experience to the world of virtual assistants as well.

Avatars play a central role in many future scenarios, whether as everyday companions or supporters in VR. With Omniverse Avatar, Nvidia has now unveiled a platform that links speech AI, language understanding, simulation, computer vision and more. The digital avatars can thus react in real time and are considerably more interactive than was previously the case. Currently, the platform is still in beta, but this could change soon.

Although the avatars are somewhat reminiscent of Toy Story or other early Pixar animated films, they are an interesting addition for various industries. The Omniverse avatars can be used in service, in sales or as waiters in restaurants.


Post image and video: Nvidia


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