The book “The Ride of a Lifetime”* by Bob Iger, former CEO of Walt Disney, is a wonderful example of how good management belongs and what change a company can take. The book, according to Iger, is a work about management and leadership, but above all it is a story of change and transformation.


“The only thing that mattered was the future, and I believed I had a clear idea of the direction Disney needed to go.”


While reading, I was able to learn a lot about how large companies work, flexible management and the basics of good investments in the future of a company.

Iger went into the cultural aspects of a takeover and showed how a capable manager can transform the personality of each company into a common construct. The author shows why acquisitions, as cumbersome as they can be, pay off at the end of the day. Disney is a perfect example, as the takeovers of Marvel and FOX show.

During his time, Iger has changed the face of Disney massively, transforming the company into the world’s largest media content owner through four major acquisitions, including Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 21st Century Fox.

I can recommend the book “The Ride of a Lifetime”* to any reader interested in management because the eventful life of the former Disney CEO is a good role model for everyone.


The book can be bought here*


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