Collaboration is the key to success in the future. Competitive boundaries blur and unexpected partnerships emerge. This was also the case with the recently announced intensified partnership between Volkswagen and Microsoft. For the future, the automotive group is focusing on E-mobility, artificial intelligence and digitization. Microsoft should help the car manufacturer to achieve these goals.

The cooperation between Microsoft and VW is not necessarily something new. They are already working together on the “Volkswagen Automotive Cloud”, which is intended to help network the VWs with each other. But in the future, the cooperation is to extend beyond a single project. Employee commitment, digital skills and training programs are now also on the collaboration agenda. Microsoft, for example, will have its own program in “Faculty 73”, the Volkswagen Academy.

The first 100 students will be able to take part in the continuing education programme from spring this year. The sustainability of the partnership and the broadest possible training of employees in digital skills are the main focus of the collaboration. Every age group within the automotive group is to be addressed.

A “Thinkathon” in the VW Autostadt is also being considered. This event will revolve entirely around the question of how artificial intelligence can be used to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Participants from both companies, as well as start-ups and students, can take part.

All these efforts show how seriously Volkswagen takes its future strategy. They recently announced that they also intend to produce batteries and software for the next generation of cars themselves. This requires new skills within the company and an open attitude towards the changing mobility. Multimedia, digitalisation and AI – together with Microsoft, Volkswagen could achieve these goals.


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