Every owner of an Amazon Echo with Alexa Voice Assistant knows how monotonous a conversation with the digital assistant can be. With her robotic, emotionless voice, jokes and other statements are more than flat. This should now be a thing of the past. Amazon will provide developers with tools to make Alexa more emotional variations possible in the future, according to the latest news.

With the update recorded on Tuesday, Alexa now has the opportunity to sound both excited and grumpy or even disappointed. With the upgrade, Amazon wants to give their voice assistant more emotional reach and respond to the requests of the Amazon Echo Skills developers. So far, the Alexa voice generated by the text-to-speech software has been a sore point for many software developers because they have not been able to customize their applications or make them versatile.


According to Amazon, customer satisfaction in tests was considerably higher with the new voice variants. With the Alexas feature introduced earlier this year, which allows users to recognize when they are frustrated, for example because the digital assistant has misunderstood them, the new emotions in the assistant’s voice can significantly increase Alexas’ emotional intelligence.

How the function looks exactly, which tonality and emotion Alexa can show at the end and how exactly the implementation will be, shows the future. But giving Amazon’s digital assistant more emotional diversity is the right way to keep up with competitors like Google and Siri.


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