A poster that knows who is looking at it sounds bizarre at first, but the cooperation between the out-of-home marketer WallDecaux and the data provider Adsquare makes exactly that possible. The strategic data partnership has created a completely new tool, the Out-of-Home Planner. This data-supported tool combines WallDecaux posters with Adsquare transaction data and brings direct targeting to the out-of-home market for the first time!

An interesting reaction to the increasing importance of data in our time. The “OOH-Planner” was presented to coincide with the opening of this year’s Dmexco and pursues the goal of enabling both companies to target their target groups and to help companies and agencies to place their messages even better.

The OoH-Planner (Source: WallDecaux)

The reach strength of out-of-home media is thus supplemented by direct targeting possibilities for specific target groups. By selecting characteristics such as socio-demographics, preferences, interests or places visited, potential customers can be provided directly with information relevant to them. In this way, individual out-of-home networks can be created anywhere in Germany.

Retargeting in particular benefits from this development, since even after the poster or out-of-home advertising has been seen, it is still possible to address the potential customer via further digital channels. The effects of street campaigns on a subsequent visit to the advertising company can also be analyzed and optimized in this way.

The project, which had been planned for four years, is thus a good push in the expansion of known and existing processes to include data and digital channels.


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