The future employs many clever minds of our century. Every day we read about new developments, digital transformations and scientific breakthroughs. But what do these changes really mean and how can they be put into their historical context? This is exactly what historian and bestselling author Yuval Noha Harari does in “21 Lessons for the 21st Century “*.

Harari’s not only optimistic approach to the future has been known since his earlier works “A Short History of Humanity “* and “Homo Deus “*. But in this work he separates himself a little from the well-known writing style and gets to the bottom of the current trends.

author Yuval Noah Harari (source: Handelsblatt)


His topics this time cover everything from FAke News to ethics and morality to the question of where the progressive development of artificial intelligence will finally lead us. According to Harari, disruptive technologies can do a lot of good, but they can also plunge society into chaos. In contrast to his previous books, which looked very much into the past and the future, the book deals intensively with the present and our daily world.

Although the book may sometimes jump abruptly from one topic to another, Harari, with his broad view of everything that moves us in the 21st century, provides a lot of material for reflection and reflection.


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