Communicating innovations is not always so easy. In most cases, tradition and corporate culture play a central role in all areas. But how can innovation and tradition be optimally combined and what can a communication strategy look like?

Invest in Bavaria, which promotes the Free State of Bavaria as a location agency and wants to make it attractive for international companies, has found a way to present this combination with its latest advertising video.

Even though I am more of an advocate of the thesis that we as a country should make progress on our strengths in digitisation and therefore all act together, Invest in Bavaria must be given a knack for storytelling and the combination of entertaining elements with facts.

The Free State actually has a lot to offer founders and entrepreneurs. Munich, for example, is ahead of Paris and London in Europe in ICT, the IT and communications sector. The companies find their very own economic dynamism in Bavaria.


My conclusion, the exaggerated form of communication chosen here, which brings together two very contrasting worlds, the Bavarian tradition and Bavaria as a high-tech location, is very successful and can serve as a role model for many other companies that still have the change ahead of them.


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