Retailers are increasingly facing new challenges. Rising costs, changes in consumer behaviour and networking technologies call for a rethink. Amazon and Co. have fundamentally changed the way they shop. It is now up to the stationary retail trade to develop concepts to draw consumers back into the store.

The book “Innovations in Retail – Innovation Technologies and Digital Strategies for Retailers” is intended to make the vision of integrated retailing tangible. Not only are different possibilities and technologies presented using a wide variety of best-practice examples, but also the usage aspects of retailers and customers are highlighted through expert interviews and customer surveys. The book is intended as a guide for retailers to help them introduce an innovation system and make their industry’s opportunities more tangible.

During the research for the book, I held a focus group discussion on innovation in retail, expert interviews with service providers and solution providers, technology developers and associations. These findings were finally merged into an online questionnaire that took a closer look at the channel preferences in the individual purchasing needs of fashion and food retailers. Details of the methodology can be found here.


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