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Twitter’s Radical Rebranding: The Birth of X

Twitter is on the cusp of a fundamental transformation. CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed Elon Musk’s hint that the social media platform will be rebranded as the one-letter name X. But what does this new beginning mean for users?

Videos: A powerful tool in startups’ communication strategy

In the highly dynamic world of startups, communication strategy is critical to success. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to have an excellent product or an innovative service. It is equally important to communicate this effectively. And in this area, videos have established themselves as a key element.

The art of innovation marketing

Successfully marketing innovations is a major challenge. But some measures can help to make the unknown more tangible.

An immersive space for all – The Facebook Metaverse explained

Mark Zuckerberg wants to create a future with his company in which we don't classically log into a platform, but instead dive into it and work there - that's the Facebook Metaverse.

Facebook uses AI to simulate user interaction on the platform

For a platform, new features or harmful user interaction can be a major challenge. Facebook uses an AI to create a complete simulation of the social network.

Three applications of artificial intelligence in our everyday life

Artificial intelligence is finding its way into more and more processes of our everyday life. Here are three examples where AI simplifies our lives.

Artificial intelligence measures the emotions of the population during COVID-19

What does COVID-19 do with our interpersonal communication? An Italian company is using their artificial intelligence to find out.

5 steps for the integration of digital recruiting in the company

There are various ways to introduce digital recruiting in your company. With these five strategies, a change in recruiting can succeed!

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