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Technology, chatbots, innovation – the future of education

What does the future of education look like? A look into the digital classroom and the key gadgets and tools in tomorrow's school.

Chatbots in the classroom – the future of education

The education of the future must become more individual, more dynamic and more efficient. Chatbots therefore play a central role in the future of education.

The DigitalPact School: How Digitisation Enables Education 4.0

The digital transformation is not stopping at the education sector either. The DigitalPact School is supposed to lead German schools into the future!

Learning for the Future – Teachers as Agents of Change

The future is full of uncertainty. Teachers therefore need to rethink to make learning more flexible and innovative for their students.

Future Education – how education and learning are digitized

Technologies, innovative ideas and data-based business models do not stop at the way we will learn in the future. Future Education will fundamentally change the education industry as we know it today.

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