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Innovation explained: Deep Tech

When it comes to innovations or startups, you always read about so-called "deep tech". But what is behind this term?

Innovation explained: Digital twin

For the industry, digital twins, which are virtual representations of real products and will be a backbone for the corporate world of the future.

Innovation explained: Small Data

According to the Gartner Hype Cycle, the Small Data trend will become much more important in the next five to ten years. But what is behind it?

Innovation explained: Smart Dust

Adaptability is the central trend for the 21st century. Smart Dust enables a high degree of flexibility. But what is behind it?

Innovation explained: Gesture Control

In the future we will interact with machines and computers via gesture control, but what is behind the innovation in computer interaction?

Innovation explained: Exoskeleton

Until now, they have only been known from the screen - exoskeletons. In Iron Man, for example, Tony Stark uses such an exoskeleton as a superhero to do good deeds. But the suits that increase human potential are no longer science fiction, they are now a reality. Innovation explained....

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