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Innovation explained: Deep Tech

When it comes to innovations or startups, you always read about so-called "deep tech". But what is behind this term?

Space Startups – 3 companies that want to conquer space

Space startups are conquering the market: more and more startups see their future in aerospace. A look at some tech pioneers.

Diary of an entrepreneur: A future strategist in times of the...

My name is Alexander Pinker and I am an innovation-profiler and future strategist. My job is, normally at least, to help companies through the future and to shape the world of tomorrow together with them. But: the world is upside down. The future is more uncertain than ever. In this series, I would like to give a glimpse into my everyday life and motivate other entrepreneurs, managers and founders to look ahead even in times of the coronavirus!

Understanding Startups: The role of the founder

Every team needs a leader. The founder of a start-up company is not only the boss, he is also a role model for his employees.

Understanding startups: Roles within a startup

There are different types of team members in startups. These roles occur in the innovation teams of most young companies.