Tag: Artificial Intelligence

Innovation explained: Supervised Learning

AI is a household name for many, but how do machines learn? In this "Innovation Explained", we take a look at supervised learning.

Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Makes AI More Human

Neuromorphic computing takes AI to a new level. With its 120 million artificial synapses, Intel's machine is not only more powerful than ever - it can also get tired.

DeepMind develops an AI that can accurately predict the weather

DeepMind's new AI makes it possible to accurately predict heavy rain. A revolution in weather forecasting and an opportunity for many sectors.

Artificial intelligence recognizes patient’s skin color from X-ray images

Sometimes artificial intelligence does do completely surprising things. In an experiment conducted by an international research team, the artificial intelligence used recognized the skin color of patients from X-ray images.

The Tesla Bot – Elon Musk announces the end of physical...

At Tesla's AI Days, Elon Musk unveiled a humanoid robot that will take over all repetitive, boring or strenuous work for humans in the future.