The innovative ring from Padrone is intended to replace the computer mouse in the future. In doing so, the company, which was awarded by CES as one of the 12 leading start-ups of the last year, works similar to the touchpad of a laptop.


Most exclusive touchpad ever

Most exclusive touchpad ever (Source:


As the image video shows, you can use similar gestures and functions with the ring, like a touchpad. Whether on the table, your lap or any other hard surface, a command can work with a single tap. The ring of Padrone is worn on the index finger of the left or right hand. The wrist usually stays in the same place on the table during use.

It is possible to connect to the computer via Bluetooth, so no software needs to be installed. Simply put on the ring and off you go! As soon as the index finger touches the table, the mouse pointer starts to follow the fingertip. When the fingertip is raised again, the mouse pointer stops moving.

It is especially practical that the hand remains in the pose in which you use the Padrone ring anyway, so there is no need to get used to it.

The Padrone Ring contains a lot of modern technology. It has been equipped with various sensors and cameras that convert the movements of the fingers into corresponding movement commands. The ring’s battery lasts up to one day.



Post Picture: Padrone


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