Brain Machine Interface Exoskelett

Paralyzed human moves in mind-reading exoskeleton

This exoskeleton, controlled by a brain-machine interface, helps a paralyzed human to walk again - and this is only the beginning.
Boeing und Porsche - Luxus für fliegende Autos

Porsche and Boeing – Collaboration for more luxury in flying cars

Sports cars are a status symbol, but how will that look in the future? Porsche and Boeing are working on the flying car as the luxury good of tomorrow.

Innovation explained: Bioprinting

Bioprinting, a form of 3D printing, brings medical innovation to tissue and organ printing. But what is the potential behind the method?

SUNconference19 – The future begins today

How do you design for the end of the world? What does the future hold for the automotive industry and which innovation markets will we open up in the coming years? Find the answeres at SUNconference19.
PowerPoint Presenter Coach

PowerPoint Presenter Coach – improve your own presentation with AI

Public lectures are a torture for many people. The PowerPoint Presenter Coach is supposed to help with the preparation of the presentation by means of AI.