Aptera – An electric car that never needs charging?

Aptera Motors introduces the first electric car with solar cells, which, according to them, never needs to be charged.

Future of mobility – MINI combines car and living room in its new concept...

Is the fusion of living space and vehicle the future of mobility? The Mini Vision Urbanaut brings comfort to the road.

5 of the 100 most important innovations in 2020

TIME has again this year selected the TOP-100 Inventions. Take a look at five innovations on the list here!

SoundBeamer – Music without headphones, directly into your ear

Noveto Systems SoundBeamer, projects the music or sounds directly into the head without the need for headphones.
PORTL Hologram Company

Company Watch: PORTL Hologram Company and the Epic Hologram System

The PORTL Hologram Company makes a Hollywood vision tangible. They bring holograms into conference rooms and living rooms.