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Gartner’s Prognosis on Artificial Intelligence in Sales Training and Coaching

According to Gartner, artificial intelligence in sales training and coaching can contribute to greater efficiency, cost reductions and improved revenue.
Adobe Premiere Pro - Auto Reframe

Premiere Pro reframes videos to social media channels via AI

With Auto Reframe for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe makes it easy to automate social media video editing with artificial intelligence.

The three laws of digital transformation

The digital transformation essentially comprises three laws: Moore's Law, Metcalfe's Law and Bandwidth Law. They shape our digital world today.

Out-of-Home and Digital – A New Way of Networking

The cooperation between the out-of-home marketer WallDecaux and the data provider Adsquare merges digital transaction data with posters and OoH media.
Walmart Roboter

Walmart robots – a long way to robotics in the retail sector

Walmart is one of the first retailers to rely on robots in its stores, but not everyone is enthusiastic about its automatic colleagues.