On to creative shores – With Brickit you can master the LEGO brick chaos

Brickit's AI camera scans cluttered mountains of LEGO bricks and suggests unique structures.

Tesla relies on vision-only for autonomous driving in future thanks to new supercomputer

With their own supercomputer, Tesla wants to optimize autonomous driving in their cars and is relying on a completely new method to do so.

TextStyleBrush – Facebook’s translation AI replaces the texts in the identical handwriting

Translating texts in real time - it may not sound like a great innovation, but Facebook has created something unique with their TextStyleBrush.

Google uses their artificial intelligence to create chips

In the area of chip creation, especially in the so-called floor plans, Google will rely on artificial intelligence in the future!

This AI supercomputer is designed to create a map of the universe

NERSC released the world's most powerful AI supercomputer in May. Its first task is to create a map of the known universe.