Brand Egg – a look at the personality of a company

Similar to a person, companies also have a personality. Be it through their culture or the way in which they communicate and place their brands. But similar to a person, many companies are not...
Neuromarketing - neue Instrumente im Marketing

Neuromarketing – An evolution of classical marketing

Neuromarketing is an important step towards customer-oriented marketing. With the new knowledge from brain research and neurosciences, not only marketing and communication processes can be improved, but companies can stand out from the competition...
Branding of the Mind

Branding of the Mind – The Power of Continuity

A memorable and recognizable branding is one of the most important marketing missions. In the agencies and departments, words such as "Top of Mind","Brand Recognition" and many other technical jargon are often used. They...
Alexander Pinker - Interview Startup Magazin "StartingUp"

It begins with a vision – StartingUp 03/2016

Interview with the founder's magazine "StartingUp", under the heading Gründertalk, about the topic of founding as a student.
Individuelles Marketing mittels Wearables

Individual marketing through wearables

If you look around the streets, conference rooms or the gym, you can see them everywhere - the wearables. A hype? It may be, but in spite of everything, it is a currently serious...