The world is still waiting for a mass-market Smart Glass that can bring augmented reality to the masses. While Apple, Google and Facebook are all working on such a solution and Google in particular has already had to pay its dues in the past, the search engine giant has now announced a possible killer feature.

The company has now announced that they want to bring their Meet video conferencing service to AR Glasses. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 has been available to some beta users since October last year. The new focus on the industrial and enterprise world resulted from the first walking tests with Google Glass, which was not yet optimally received. The Google Meet integration is now intended to allow technicians and other employees to broadcast their perspective via video call or livestream so they can collaborate live with colleagues or customers.

In the announcement, Google explains that integrating the feature would be a next logical step to ensure ongoing employee engagement and increase immersive collaboration opportunities. Especially in light of the through home office and the New Working movement, such solutions are a step in the right direction.


Employees who own Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 can thus discuss the best course of action with colleagues or consult with experts when major problems arise. For many service technicians, employees in factories and logistics centers, and of course many other employees, sharing their own field of vision in real time can make all the difference.


Post image: Google


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