OVR.ai today announced the opening of a virtual gallery for NFT artists. Considering the current hype around the “Non-Fungible Tokens” especially from a PR point of view a smart move.

Especially considering that most artists cannot exhibit their works due to the ongoing pandemic, OVR offers a great alternative to museums and collections with its gallery. Using the OVR app for Android and iOS, interested people can now visit the blockchain-based museum and admire the virtual art.

Some well-known artists are also included. Among them is Italian artist Giovanni Motta, who enjoyed great success with his exhibition in Shanghai.

Motta will even have his own gallery within the virtual exhibition, as he is one of the few Italian NFT artists who have made it to the Super-Rare ranking.

However, it is not only NFT artists that can be admired. In order to provide the widest possible coverage of the art world. Thus, both digital and non-digital artworks can be found in the gallery.

To get as close as possible to the feeling of an exhibition opening, some artists will be present as virtual avatars so you can ask them questions about their art.


This example shows how creative and innovative art can be. With the constraints of the Corona pandemic, technologies such as NFT and virtual environments have received a boost that will hopefully continue beyond the pandemic.-.


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