Digitization affects not only companies, but also our everyday lives. In order to keep pace, the German cabinet has now announced that they want to take inspiration from examples in Estonia and the like and revamp the ID card. In the future, proof of identity will also be possible via smartphone.

A change in the law will make it possible in the future to use your phone to identify yourself, for example, to buy a car or take advantage of other offers. Other processes will also become more digital in this way, such as opening a bank account or submitting a tax return.

The focus of the ID card on the smartphone is on data protection and user-friendliness, according to the federal government’s announcement. The federal government is thus fulfilling its obligation under the Online Access Act, which requires the federal and state governments to make their administrative services available digitally to citizens and businesses by the end of 2022.

Which other services will soon be changed by the long overdue digitization and how user-friendly the digital ID card really is will become clear in the coming months.


Post picture: Federal Government


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