Remote work, virtual work and home office – these are the words that are currently most frequently used when talking about the future of work. At the latest since the pandemic, the way we work has turned upside down.

To help shape this world of “New Working,” Microsoft has now unveiled Viva, a new employee platform that integrates seamlessly with existing Teams packages. The focus is on offering employees everything they could possibly need in the home office – from learning and well-being to continuing education.

The Future of Employee Experience (Source: Micosoft 365)


A versatile package of features

Microsoft Viva comes with a wide variety of functional areas designed to provide a fully comprehensive employee experience. Viva Connections, for example, lets workers access internal communications and dedicated workgroups and resources, while Viva Learning integrates corporate and external platforms’ continuing education offerings. Knowledge bases and analytics tools will also be part of the offering, according to the latest information from the tech giant.

The focus of all activities in the future, according to Microsoft, will be the employee experience and the individual adaptation to their lifeworld.


Post picture: Microsoft


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