R2 on the Road (Source: Nuro)


The first delivery by robotic vehicle is starting in California. The company Nuro has, according to a recent blog post, received the state’s first commercial permit for autonomous deliveries and is now putting their vehicles on the road.
Self-driving cars have been in development for many years, but until now they have lacked a permit to operate on public roads. However, things are different for robotics company Nuro. The startup can now officially launch a paid autonomous delivery service for the first time – all thanks to a permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

After initial approvals in 2017 and 2020, the company will now be able to officially use its robotic vehicles for deliveries starting in 2021, allowing it to continuously develop. The company will start with fully autonomous Prius vehicles, which will be expanded step by step into a fleet of R2 vehicles.


In the blog post, the company writes:

“Nuro’s journey has also been guided by this shared focus on safety, exemplified in our choice to design a custom, goods-only vehicle. R2 was purposefully engineered for safety, with a design that prioritizes what’s outside – the people with whom we share the roads – over what’s inside.”

Initial deliveries will begin in the Bay Area, near Nuro headquarters, and steadily expand. The company, which raised $500 million in early 2020, wants to help people in California with their service and provide long-term support to citizens who cannot drive themselves.
To achieve this goal, Nuro recently purchased a startup focused on autonomous mobility.

Together with some of the company’s patents, we may well hear a lot more about Nuro and its robotic vehicles in the future – even beyond the delivery market.


Post Picture: Nuro


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