Vodafone and Nreal bring mixed reality glasses to Europe

One reason that is often mentioned when it comes to the very slow implementation of new technologies like Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality is the price of the hardware. The company Nreal has made it its business to develop an affordable AR solution and, together with Vodafone as a strategic partner, to distribute it in Europe.

Nebula 3D System through Nreal Light (Source: Nreal)


The fields of application of Augmented Reality have been a frequent topic on this page in the past and have been examined in more detail for both the healthcare industry and the education sector, but for many smaller companies and also private users, the immersive technology often remains only a dream. Providers such as Microsoft or MagicLeap offer sophisticated and high-quality headsets, but these are usually limited to very few areas of application or exhausted by high acquisition and adaptation costs.

Nreal has not yet given up and wants to conquer the market with its light mixed reality glasses. Vodafone is one of many partners – others were LG and KDDI in the past. But the plan with the telecommunications provider is different this time. Starting in spring 2021, the availability of AR headsets in combination with the promotion for the Gigabit 5G offers should be available in retail stores.

The glasses from Nreal are certainly interesting for many companies and also private households, because they weigh only a little more than 100 grams and can work without a lot of additional hardware by connecting them to an Android phone. For absolute immersion, a VR cover is also included, which will allow the user to immerse into the virtual world through the glasses.

The Nreal Light-AR-Glasses are strongly connected to the connected smartphone and use it for writing or interpreting gestures, for example.

In order to make the advantages clearer, Vodafone is working on some own mixed reality applications, according to current reports, to demonstrate the advantages of the immersive technology and to convince future users. Whether the strategic partnership between Vodafone and Nreal will lead to the breakthrough of AR/MR technology in Europe remains to be seen, but such collaborations are necessary to bring the innovations to a wider audience.


Post Picuture: Nreal

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