A few months ago it was already the subject of various media, the text generator of OpenAI. The artificial intelligence research lab, co-initiated by Elon Musk, has now made the intelligent text generator available to the public and started the beta phase of GPT-3. Even though one still has to apply for access to GTP-3, the first users are already hooked on the Ki-based text generator.

OpenAI’s system uses over 175 billion parameters, which not only enables very precise results but also fundamentally increases the areas of application. Some authors have already used the AI to write unique stories and articles. Mario Klingemann has, as you can see in some press reviews, also a article about GPT-3 was written entirely by GPT-3.


Here are a few examples of GPT-3 in use


The use cases of the AI text generator are directly obvious in these few examples. Whether in journalism, programming or for authors, the AI can be a good help for complex content.


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