Today is International Women’s Day, and on this day I would also like to take a look at particularly innovative and inspiring women in our time who are actively shaping the future. Whether in quantum informatics, space technology or data science, women in the MINT sector are shaping the world of tomorrow every day. A look at three TED talks by truly inspiring women researchers!

Ethics in Space

6 space technologies we can use to improve life on Earth | Danielle Wood (Source: TED)


Space has always fascinated mankind. From movies to early literature, the view into the stars has inspired and inspired people to dream. But it also needs rules. In 1967, for example, the United Nations created the “Outer Space Treaty” to establish an ethical guideline for space travel. The head of the Space Enabled research group, Danielle Wood, used her TED talk to raise new questions and discuss the use of space for the good of the world. She is working, together with the United Nations, on a space vision for the year 2030.


Big Data and the Human Factor

The human insights missing from big data | Tricia Wang

The human insights missing from big data | Tricia Wang (Source: TED)


Data rules our world. Not only will it change many processes, it will also shape the future. In her TED talk, Tricia Wang demystifies the mystery of data science and takes a look at the importance of data and how companies can use it. Her presentation was not only inspiring, it also gave insights into a world known only to a few people.


Quantum computers and the future

Quantum Computing: The New Future | Figen Yilmaz | TEDxEMUniversity

Quantum Computing: The New Future | Figen Yilmaz (Source: TEDxEMUniversity)


Quantum computers are considered the next leap in technological development. With the new possibilities of improved computing power we can exploit completely new potentials. From healthcare to security, everything is possible. Figen Yilmaz shows the listeners of her TEDx talk which wonders the technological breakthrough of quantum computers makes possible.

These are just a few inspiring women of our time. A look at other thought leaders of our time I gave last year. Come in and learn more about the women who have shaped our future.


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