The working world of the future will be a completely different one. As already shown in part 1 of the series, there are some exciting professions that will be relevant in a few years due to big data and immersive media. But also curating one’s own information and promoting one’s personality are relevant in the near future.

Digital Coach

We live in a time of lifelong learning. Decentralised further training is particularly relevant for many private individuals and companies. Digital coaches will become even more relevant in the future. As teachers and mentors all over the world, the employees of the future can become learners and teachers and share their knowledge.


Personal Memory Curator

By 2030, we will have an almost unmanageable amount of data to manage. With information, access data and our knowledge scattered across the net, we need someone to hold the information together when we don’t have time or digital skills. The Personal Memory Curator structures the information and helps to find the right data.


Conversation partners

It probably sounds strange at first, but a central profession in the future will be the interlocutor. In times of a digitizing society, personal contact with real people will be even more important. The interlocutor is therefore an important job for the social intelligence of the digitizing society.


As these three professions show, the future will not only be technologically based, but will also require many personal skills and competences. For this reason, not only digital, but also social skills are required, which must be promoted.


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