Elon Musk’s latest project sounds at first glance like from the film Matrix. With his startup Neuralink, the Tesla and SpaceX boss wants to define the future of the brain. At a presentation on Tuesday evening, Musk presented the current state of Neuralink and his vision of technology.

Neuralink should make people more productive

With special electrodes Elon Musk really wants to give us an upgrade. The aim of Neuralink is to make the human brain more powerful and to learn new languages or other skills via a special app.


Watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation

Watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation (Source: CNET)


The electrodes implanted in the brain not only read the brain wirelessly, but also optimize it using artificial intelligence. The Neuralink system is based on decades of research on the human brain and, after initial experiments with rats and monkeys, is now to be implanted in the first test subjects. The system works as follows: the electrodes, which have a diameter of about eight millimetres, are implanted through small holes in the skull and, using a special thread that is thinner than a human hair, to the human-machine interface. These high-tech threads are the key to the success of the innovation because they transmit data and measure and stimulate the activities of the nerve cells.

Musk adds that the procedure has already been thought through. A surgical robot specially developed for this purpose will enable the operation to be performed quickly, easily and as painlessly as possible.

It will still take a while before we can download new content to our brains using an app, but Elon Musk’s Neuralink opens up completely new potential in the long term to completely redefine the mind as we know it. The next step, the presentation continues, will be to find experts and investors to drive research forward.


Post picture: Neuralink


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