For years I have accompanied the Silicon Vilstal initiative with the Startup-Network SUN e.V.. Together with Silicon Vilstal and LINK e.V. we are conducting an empirical startup study.

Despite the trend towards urbanisation, rural areas in particular will acquire a completely new significance in the coming years. With constantly rising rents and ever fuller cities, the boundaries of urban life are increasingly shifting to the countryside. This can be a possibility, especially for start-ups. But what are the start-up conditions for urban and rural start-ups?

The Silicon Vilstal participatory initiative already offers a year-round, industry-independent coaching and coworking program for start-ups through the “Bauer sucht Startup” format co-initiated by SUN. Here the founders can “get a taste of the country air” and get to know working outside the metropolitan regions.


Click here for the survey


The results of the study will be presented at the Silicon Vilstal Mitmachfestival 26.-29.9.2019 in Holzhausen/Vilstal.


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