In the course of innovations, the first phase of ideation is quickly followed by implementation. Prototypes and experiments have been the order of the day since the Lean Startup method at the latest. With them, innovations are no longer left to pure gut feeling or instinct, but can be validated and optimized. The Experiment Board starts one step earlier.

Instead of building a complete prototype, Javelin’s innovation tool helps to get a result even faster. The developers’ goal was to conduct a lean startup experiment in just five minutes without going through the sometimes lengthy prototyping process, define the elements of your business concept you’re not sure about, and set up a small experiment to validate each of them individually.


The Experiment Board (Source: Researchgate/Javelin)


The instrument was tested with around 20,000 entrepreneurs worldwide in order to make the innovation instrument even more tangible and practical. In its current form, it is used to conduct step-by-step experiments in order to investigate customer needs and check the product range.

The method is particularly suitable for companies that have a solution in mind but are uncertain as to who their customers are or whether their own innovation will solve a problem that is relevant to them.

With the Experiment Board, the individual assumptions are gradually tested and verified, saving a lot of time and money and developing the classic prototype in the next step.


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