In the 21st century we are in the midst of a revolution – a data revolution. The number of companies, organizations and institutions that use large data solutions today has exploded in recent years, as has the amount of data collected. The digina, which was co-organized by Alexander Pinker, considered the exploitation of this data in connection with digital life and digital afterlife.

For those entrusted with the task of collecting and preserving the cultural digital heritage, the urgent question arises as to what is to be kept of these vast amounts of material for future generations and how they can be selected and preserved. As a result of this trend, there are significant changes – some are obvious while others are below the surface. In my lecture at digina 2017, which took place at Microsoft Germany, I took the visitors on a journey through the world of data.


"Digitales Leben" - Vortrag von Alexander Pinker auf der digina 2017


We are just seeing how revolutionary Big Data and the information it collects can be for our private lives, our businesses and our future. As an innovaiton profiler I took the visitors on a tour through the past, the present and the future.


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Photo: digina 2017 / Michael Holzinger




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