The future is determined by our actions. More and more companies are recognizing a digital shift and deciding that they have to keep up with the times in order to avoid disappearing from the scene sooner or later. But before the reconstruction of learned processes or the bold step into a new digital and innovative future can be taken, an understanding for the world of tomorrow must be created.

Alexander Pinker is a keynote speaker, futurist and start-up expert. His mission is to inspire people to look to the future and to understand and use trends. At member meetings, congresses and trade fairs, he has already taken the guests on a journey into the world of tomorrow.

In order to provide a multifaceted and entertaining insight into the world of tomorrow, he draws on examples from his work as a start-up coach, innovation consultant and communications professional and explains trends using tangible examples from everyday life and the world of work.

Among the events at which Pinker has already take visitors on a journey through the world of trends and innovation are the MedienCampus area of the Medientage München, the Berlin Summit “Future Tech” of SUN e. V. in the Factory Berlin, the 3rd Evend Day at the Haus der bayerischen Wirtschaft, the conference on digital life “digina” at Microsoft Germany, the specialist conference on media of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation and many more.

Current Topics

Current topics for keynotes and lectures are:

- Innovation-Profiling: Crime Scene "Future"
- Virtual Reality: A Technology to dream
- Digital life: From everyday life to the future
- Trends: Ready for the future
- Germany: Land of Innovation?
- Innovations in Retail: Retail 2025
- Startups: The future belongs to the disruptive ones

Information on selected performances, including impressions and videos, can be found at here.

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